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Professor Microft Wolfington Barnhouse is the Illegitimate great grandson of Kurt Vonnegut jr's character Professor Arthur Barnhouse, known for the discovery of dynamo- psychism, or the Barnhouse effect, which eventually drove him into hiding. M.W. resides in his great grandfathers laboratory, hidden away somewhere in the frozen wastes of northern New York, continuing his ancestors work and railing against the shortcomings of modern society. After a long day at the asylum I like to retire to my labatory and work on whatever expierments I happen to have going on, anything from fixing up some old piece of equipment to building some strange and disturbing machinery to scare the crap out of the neighbors. In all fairness I must admit that I have no direct connection to Mr. Vonnegut, other than a high regard for his work, the idea for M.W. Barnhouse came after I discovered the journal of a fellow collegue Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton the third, you just can't beat a good psudonym for anonimity, and I happen to live in a house/workshop converted from an old victorian era carrige house, the whole thing just sort of wrote itself.